Impound - Been Towed?


What do I need to get my vehicle released from Police Impound?

If your vehicle was impounded at the request of the Eugene Police Department, you must have a release form from EPD in addition to the following:

- Cash payment in the exact full amount owed for impound and storage fees

- A state issued ID card matching the name on the EPD release form


What do I need to get my vehicle released from Private Party Impound?

- Cash payment in the full amount owed for impound and storage fees

- A state issued ID card

- Vehicle registration and/or the title

- ID name and registration/title must match


Please note that keys for the vehicle does not equal ownership! Proper documentation is required at time of pick up.


Why was my vehicle impounded?

We provide a service for businesses by impounding vehicles illegally parked on their property. A vehicle may be called in for tow by a manager or a security service, and in some instances we patrol the property.


Why is impound towing more expensive than a tow from Point A to Point B?

A standard tow from Point A to Point B, or “roadside assistance towing,” involves picking up a vehicle and transporting it to another location. Payment is collected at the time of service, and no additional labor or resources are needed after the tow.

An impound tow involves picking up a vehicle and transporting it to our facility, where it is stored for an indefinite amount of time. The police department has to be notified of the impound, and we have to process the release of your vehicle. Additionally, many vehicles are never reclaimed by their owner. In this instance, we have to place a lien on the vehicle and hold an auction, all of which come with administrative expenses. The selling of the vehicle may or may not recoup our expenses incurred for towing and storage - many times it does not.

Thus, due to the additional labor and overhead required to impound a vehicle, coupled with operating at a loss at times, rates are significantly higher.


Why do I have to bring cash in order to get my vehicle out of impound?

We do not accept credit cards or checks for this service due to the possibility of contested charges.  In order to keep our costs as reasonable as possible, we will only accept cash payment to prevent unnecessary administrative costs involved in fighting legitimate transactions.


What happens if a vehicle is not picked up?

As referenced above, if someone chooses not to pay impound and storage fees in order to retrieve their vehicle, it is auctioned off and sold. If a vehicle is sold for less than what is owed for impound and storage fees, we have the right to collect on the remaining balance. 


Can I get my belongings out of my car?

You can get the personal property from your car up to two weeks after the impound. On the 10th day in our possession all property in the vehicle becomes part of the lien process, and in order to retrieve your property you will need to pay your bill in full. In order for personal property to be returned the registered owner of the vehicle must be present and show proper documentation (title or vehicle registration and a state-issued ID.) You are not allowed to remove  anything wired or screwed into the vehicle.

If you are not the registered owner, we will give you access to any prescription medications left in the vehicle (with a matching ID.)


Is my personal property secure?

Our impounds are stored indoors behind locked doors, or at our fully fenced lot. After the vehicle is brought in, only our tow supervisor and the business owner have access to your vehicle.


When can I pick up my car? 

You can pick up your car during business hours, from 8AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. We also offer after hours release for an additional charge.



We strive to make the experience interacting with us positive, and have taken active steps to keep our prices as affordable as possible. If you were dissatisfied with the service you received, please feel free to send an email through our "Contact Us" page and we will look into your grievance.